Tinnitus Treatment

tinnitus-treatmentsSuffering from tinnitus? New hearing devices can help

Tinnitus — that ringing and buzzing in your ears that won’t stop — is a common condition among millions of Americans. Its impact on your life can be serious. Anxiety, depression and loss of sleep are common side effects. This may be especially true if tinnitus is accompanied by unknown hearing loss, as is the case in 90% of tinnitus sufferers.

Did you know that hearing loss and tinnitus are often interrelated? The brain compensates for hearing loss by turning up an inner volume control. For some people, the brain begins to amplify sounds that would otherwise go unnoticed – resulting in tinnitus.

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The first step is to get a hearing evaluation from The Hearing Aid Place, which may detect any hearing loss that should be addressed. We can help with a treatment plan that include Tinnitus SoundSupport by Oticon. It’s the most advanced technology to help relieve tinnitus symptoms.

Oticon hearing devices with Tinnitus Sound Support™ can help because they provide amplification and a special sounds program for tinnitus relief. Tinnitus Sound Support™ is a feature that works with BrainHearing™ technology to address your unique condition, your likely hearing challenges, and your personal sound preferences. This individualized, flexible approach gives tinnitus sufferers an option for relief. The Tinnitus Sound Support™ feature is available on Alta2 Pro Ti, Nera2 Pro Ti and Ria2 Pro Ti hearing devices, all of which are available at The Hearing Aid Place.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to live with untreated tinnitus. Learning to manage your tinnitus is the first step to regaining hope and maintaining your health.

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