Oticon Hearing Devices

Hear better and remember more with less effort

Groundbreaking technology from Oticon is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the dynamics of the soundscape, and differentiate between speech and noise. By rapidly and precisely reducing noise, it allows you to access and handle multiple speakers simultaneously.

Powered by the new Velox S™ platform, Opn S takes the open sound experience to the next level and delivers speech understanding on par with normal hearing.

Oticon Opn S improves your ability to understand speech so you don’t have to work as hard to understand, leaving more mental energy to remember what you hear.

Designed to give your brain exactly what it needs to hear.

Did you know that hearing actually takes place in the brain, not in the ears? And because your brain is different from everyone else’s, you hear differently than anyone else. Oticon’s revolutionary technology can be minutely tuned to match your unique hearing profile and personal sound preferences. It then delivers sound with the clearest, purest signal possible in a way that your brain is best able to understand it.

Fastest processor ever.

Hear and understand soft speech better for a more natural hearing experience.

Designed for comfort and style.

Oticon’s new line is super sleek and small, and hides just behind your ear. If you prefer, there’s a model that fits discreetly in your ear canal where it’s invisible. Choose from many designs or custom fittings that suit your lifestyle and hearing abilities.

Opn S is rechargeable!

Now the popular Opn miniRITE is also rechargeable. An easy overnight charge gives you full power for the day without the hassle of handling batteries. Opn’s hybrid battery design allows you to use either a rechargeable or a standard battery.

Hearing affects everything between your ears.

When the sound signals from your ears are compromised your brain has to work even harder to fill in the gaps. This extra effort can take its toll. In fact, studies have shown that, over time, hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression.

That’s why it makes sense to take care of your hearing health the same way you care about the rest of your health: There’s a lot more riding on it than just your hearing. Hearing Care is Health Care.

Give your brain exactly what it needs to hear. Make your appointment today to see the devices for yourself.

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