Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you offer financing or payment plans?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: YES. We are a CareCredit provider which offers 12 months no interest financing.


Q: What are some signs of possible hearing loss?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: There are many signs of possible: frequently asking people to repeat themselves, some may often turn their ear toward a sound to hear it better, struggling to hear in noisy situations and keeping the volume on your radio or TV at a level that others say is too loud. The hearing tests are free so there is nothing to lose. Our hearing is an important part of our healthcare and should be monitored yearly  no matter what the degree the loss may be.


Q: Won’t wearing a hearing aid make me look old or weak?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: While you are no doubt concerned about appearance, compensating for a hearing loss by asking people to repeat themselves, inappropriately responding (or not responding at all) to people talking, or even withdrawing from social situations is more obvious than wearing a hearing aid.

Today’s hearing aids are small, discreet and more stylish than ever before. Some are even invisible. And, chances are that once you have a hearing aid, your quality of life will improve so much that cosmetics won’t be as much of an issue for you.


Q: It’s just “a little hearing loss,” isn’t that no big deal?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: Untreated hearing loss often causes tension, embarrassment, social stress, and actual fatigue. This is true for the person with hearing loss AND also for their family, friends, and coworkers. This may lead to isolation and avoiding uncomfortable situations, which negatively affects everyone. Today’s treatments mean better comprehension, more confidence, closer ties and a healthier long-term outlook.


Q: Why do you offer free hearing screenings?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: Because it’s one way we give back to our community. Dealing with hearing loss can be a stressful time. If I can provide you with knowledge about your hearing loss and the many treatment options available, then you are able to decide your next right step, which may or may not include treatment. The choice is always up to the patient. It’s important to address hearing loss as soon as you, or you family notice some of the symptoms.


Q. When’s the right time for a hearing evaluation?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: Click here for Head Audiologist Jim Smith’s review of hearing evaluations and myths related to hearing loss.


Q: What will a patient experience during their first appointment at The Hearing Aid Place?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: You will be given a complete hearing aid evaluation prior to your consultation, and I will go over the results with you in detail. I will then make recommendations based on your evaluation. Additionally, financing options are available and we help with insurance information when possible.


Q: Why do you feel it’s important to address hearing loss as soon as noticed?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: Even a very slight hearing loss can have an impact on your daily life. Hearing loss is treatable, and there is no reason for anyone to miss all the important sounds of life. Today’s options include affordable, discreet and hands-free options for staying connected to your world.


Q: Aren’t all hearing aids the same?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: No! We all have a different relationship to sound. Your hearing care professional will work with you not only to identify sounds you can or cannot hear, but also to gain a better understanding of the listening situations that are important to your life. That is why your hearing care professional is the key to ensuring that you get the right device that fits your unique needs.


Q: Do I need to upgrade to new hearing aids?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: Hearing technology has provided new breakthroughs that weren’t available even 6 months ago. If you have a complaint about not hearing as well as you would like, sometimes it can be resolved with a simple fine-tuning of your aids. Or find out what today’s new devices might offer for you. Be sure to ask your hearing care provider.


Q: Why are proper fittings so important?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: We all have our own hearing preferences. It has to do with how our individual brain “hears.” Today’s newest hearing aids use tiny micro processors that are programmed to you. Think of it as a micro-brain that works in harmony with your brain. This new technology, with the proper fitting, will help you differentiate sounds and hear more clearly than ever before.


Q: “Hearing aids are not for me. Not yet, anyway.” Have you said this before?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: Many people who believe they have only slightly impaired hearing often make the mistake of thinking that they don’t have much to gain from a hearing instrument. Many people spend years of their lives coping and adapting, and missing out on the joy of being more fully engaged with family, friends and colleagues. If you are wondering, get a hearing evaluation and find out today.


Q: Do you offer payment options?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: We help you file with your insurance plans, as well as other financing options. Be sure to ask me about options for payments.


Q: Do you recycle?

Ashley at The Hearing Aid Place: Yes! We recycle hearing aid batteries. And we recycle old and broken hearing aids.

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