ESP Electronic Shooters Protection

Your Hearing Matters.

The majestic bugle of a bull elk. Whitetail grunts, bleats, snort-wheezes, & rattling. The gentle footfalls of a bear coming close to your stand. One of the reasons you enjoy big game hunting is the sounds associated with it. Don’t sacrifice your future enjoyment; protect your hearing with ESPs and enhance your experience in the woods.

One of the biggest secrets in shooting sports is that it takes only a single blast to damage your hearing permanently.

Take the roar of a motorcycle running full-throttle for 40 hours straight, condense it into a split second, and you’ve got a good approximation of the sound energy generated by an average gunshot.  You can see the importance of proper hearing protection ear plugs. It’s shocking, but even experienced hunters deliberately leave their shooting hearing protection at home, believing they can hear their quarry better with the naked ear. While this may be true for the short-term, it can result in dramatic hearing loss over the years that puts hunters at a great disadvantage in the field – and makes them a safety hazard. Shooting electronic hearing protection is a must to keep your hearing!

Many hunters, and target shooters, don’t fully appreciate the magnitude of the risk of shooting without correct ear protection. Every time you pull the trigger on your firearm, you’re assaulting your ears with up to 150 decibels (dB) of deafening noise. Repeated exposure over 90 dB will result in permanent hearing loss, a single gun blast of more than 120 dB can do the same if you don’t use shooting hearing protection every time you shoot.

The Hearing Aid Place is pleased to offer ESP (Electronic Shooter Protection) of America products right here in Fredericksburg and Tappahannock. Whether you are seeking custom shooting hearing protection, shooting ear plugs, or electronic hearing protection, our staff will help you determine the right product for your active lifestyle.

  • Big Game Hunting
  • Bird Hunting
  • Law Enforcement/Military
  • Competitive Shooting

Don’t sacrifice your future enjoyment; protect your hearing now with ESPs today.


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