Customer Testimonials

Our customers say it best!

Ashley has a genuine desire to help people.This is not something you see very often these days. She is very knowledgeable in all the cutting edge technology and has the patience to explain it to her clients at a level they can understand. Her staff is top notch. They make you feel, not only as a valuable client, but like a person. They bring warmth kindness into your life that makes you feel lucky to have found this little gem of a business. ~ Steve B.


Mrs. DeMerle certainly turned my lack of hearing around. I now hear turn signals in my vehicle and clocks ticking… did not realize all I was missing until the hearing aides were in…Thanks Ashley DeMerle. ~ Mike Rader


I took my mom in to get new hearing aids back in January. Tony and Ashley were absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process! They even helped us file the claim with her insurance and continued to follow-up with them until the insurance paid their portion… 3 months later. We will definitely be going back to them in 3 years when she is eligible for a new pair. If you want personal service and a high quality of care, go here. Highly recommended! ~ Todd Hull


I have been a patient of The Hearing Aid Place for about four years. The customer service is exceptional and personalized. Ashley and her staff really get to know you and after a while you feel like family. Recently I took the plunge and upgraded my hearing aids to the Oticon Alta 2 hearing aids. I’m not going to lie, they are expensive but worth every penny! Other then changing the battery once a week I forget that I am wearing hearing aids. The sound quality is superior and I am not experiencing any of the minor issues I was experiencing with the more inexpensive model. If you are on the fence about which model to buy I would recommend the Alta 2s. ~ Pamela Sumner


I cannot believe I am hearing things I did not know I was missing! Great advice to start early; made it easy to get used to wearing them. Wonderful customer service. ~ Sally Cooney Anderson