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  • Ria by Oticon

    Ria by Oticon

    Introducing Oticon Ria – When Better Hearing Is Essential Is better hearing essential to living the life you want? Are you tired of trying to fill in the gaps in conversations you can’t hear clearly? Do you need to concentrate so hard on what is being said that you are exhausted at the end of […]

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  • Nera by Oticon

    Nera by Oticon

    Nera is a hearing solution as individual as you are. Ashley DeMerle of the Hearing Aid Place provides an in-house hearing test to create your hearing profile and then fit a hearing device to your specific needs. Our patients report that this makes all the difference in the way they would like their world to sound.

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  • Alta by Oticon

    Alta by Oticon

    “I am excited to introduce you to Oticon’s best hearing device yet, the Alta. This NEW premium product is going to change everything we know about hearing aids!” ~ Ashley DeMerle of The Hearing Aid Place Why Alta? The fit is as great as the sound. We all have our own hearing preferences. It has to […]

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  • Connectivity


    Plug-and-Play Wireless Solutions – connect easily and wirelessly. Allow People with Hearing Loss to Tune into TV and Landline Phones with Just the Touch of Button A new system of innovative wireless connectivity solutions is enabling people with hearing loss to experience more natural personal communication and more freedom. “When wireless connectivity was first introduced, people with […]

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  • Products


    The Hearing Aid Place offers the best hearing aid technology available today! We pay special attention to value and quality for  you. Our hearing aids offer the best listening experience available on the market. We are multi-line dispensing office and have relationships with the major hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to offer more than one […]

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  • Videos

    Hearing aids help with so much more than just hearing. When my patients hear better, they often have improved family interactions, attend more social functions and are able to get back into life. These videos help explain the story further. I invite you to watch them now. ~ Ashley DeMerle, Fredericksburg, Virginia

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